8 Months with NO Hospital Stays – A Sickle Cell Warrior Celebrates Being Healthy & Pain Free

On Oct 2, 2017 I received a call from Dylan’s school. They recorded a fever and I needed to pick him up. I immediately took him to his Pediatrician who sent us to the ER.

While being admitted to the hospital and waiting for a room my grandfather passed away. This isn’t shocking as Sickle Cell Anemia doesn’t show up when it’s convenient. We’ve been in the hospital on Christmas, New Years and I even went into labor with my youngest son while Dylan was being admitted.

However, this last hospital stay was different. The fever never returned and his labs were decent. They let us go in 36 hours. My grandfather was already looking down on us from heaven.

While the date will forever be connected to the day my grandfather left this earth I’m beyond grateful that this was the last time Dylan was hospitalized.

Celebrate this milestone with us. We will be counting down every month Dylan is hospital free until Oct 2nd 2018 which will make a full year. We’ve never made it a full year in fact I held my breath the whole month of March. Every March since he was born we have been admitted to the hospital in March. 2014, 2015 ,2016 and 2017. A whole different meaning for the term March Madness.

This deserves a celebration! Dylan will be 5 yrs old a few days before we make a year. More reasons to celebrate. In January 2019 We’ll celebrate 3 yrs pain free! I’m beyond grateful that God has kept our Dylan healthy.

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26 thoughts on “8 Months with NO Hospital Stays – A Sickle Cell Warrior Celebrates Being Healthy & Pain Free

  1. I’m sorry about your Grandpa. May he rest in Peace.

    The same time I’m congratulating about the recovery of your Son! As we say in Poland: “When you have health, you have everything!” I’m wishing you all the best 🙂


  2. Emily

    I have two children with autism and while it’s definitely not the same thing, I completely understand celebrating the little milestones that most parents take for granted. So glad you’re on such a great hospital free streak!


  3. The Amazing Tea Company

    Thank you for sharing. The journey continues and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy path forward. Blessings


  4. I completely understand the feeling of something happy and sad happening at or around the same time, and dealing with those mixed emotions – never easy!! Congrats on the positive news nevertheless – thanks for sharing! xx Bee


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