A while back a friend told me she had several large cysts and the doctor recommended surgery. She decided to go a non traditional holistic route and she took bitters every day. When she went back to her doctor the cysts were undetectable.

After hearing this amazing testimony I started taking the black seed detox bitters pictured as a quarterly detox. The second day of taking them my vision was laser sharp and I had energy! Tons of it and didn’t feel sluggish. I didn’t have any medical conditions, but I know there are numerous environmental and dietary toxins that we ingest daily. I didn’t want to wait for a diagnosis to think about detoxing my body.

At the same time I started my initial detox another friend of mine, who happens to be diabetic started taking these same bitters. He ate like crap the whole time but when he went to the doctor his A1C had dropped from 11 to 8 (The higher your A1C level, the poorer your blood sugar control and the higher your risk of diabetes complications.) The goal is under 5.7.

I’m currently on day 3 of my quarterly detox. Its actually been longer than 3 months since my last detox. More like 8 months, but I digress. I’ve been drinking an oat milk aulait daily with way to many teaspoons of sugar. I have not had any coffee since I started the detox and I’m not craving the caffeine. I’m actually energized. I’m not surprised because this happens every time I detox with the bitters.

I started this detox with several friends and I received this message from one of them after day 2 on the detox. I won’t include her description of the taste, but she noted that she didn’t need a nap on either day. She also shared that she had 3 bowel movements each day. The detox doesn’t have the same effect on me regarding bowel movements, but I’m typically pretty regular. If you don’t use the bathroom regularly you may have a back up of waste in your body which the detox will remove. She said her stomach was not hurting or cramping.


  • Gentle Total Body Detoxification
  • Immune Booster
  • Kidney , Liver and Spleen Detox
  • Blood Cleanse
  • Skin Detox
  • Energy Booster

How To Take

  • Drink 2 tablespoons full first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or eating
  • Use a lime to chase the bitter taste
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water daily more if you are exercising
  • Refrigerate after opening the bottle
  • Ladies do not take during menstruation

You can purchase your bottle in the store section of our website. Using Code: Spring Detox for a 10% Discount. http://highvibrationsholistichealth.com

I do not make the bitters and the statements listed have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Published by Geneva Marie

Geneva is a mom of 3 boys, a college freshman, a 4 and a 5yr old. After her middle son was diagnosed with Sickle Cell anemia she became obsessed with finding natural ways to keep him healthy. Geneva is a Holistic Health and Wellness speaker and Sickle Cell Advocate. She hopes to share more knowledge around the disease to Educators and the community at large. Geneva is also a 2011 NYC marathon finisher and enjoys traveling to destinations with amazing beaches.

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