Faith in The Face of a Life Threatening Medical Diagnosis

Having faith can improve medical outcomes in the face of a life threatening medical diagnosis.

Healthy Flow – Blood Donation Drive

Sen. Kevin Parker, NY Blood Center & Healthy Warrior Mom are hosting a Blood Donation Drive for the 10th World Sickle Cell Day Anniversary

Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness – Rare Disease Day 2019

Sickle Cell Anemia is considered a rare disease. It is an inherited blood disorder that impacts shape and health of red blood cells According to the CDC Sickle Cell Anemia affect approx 100,000 Americans

Open Letter to Rickey Smiley: ……..and anyone else who thinks dying from Sickle Cell is a Joke.

On Jan 1st comedian Rickey Smiley thought it would be funny to include Sickle Cell Anemia in a joke. During an obituary skit he listed Sickle Cell as an ailment the person who died suffered from.